I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped:


"Amy did a wonderful job! Very knowledgeable and helpful for what I need to help my muscles feel better!" - Lori W.


"Wow! Talk about feeling “Blissful!”
Amy Ginsky came to our office and gave us chair massages! AMAZING! 
If you want to thank your employees for their hard work this season how about calling her to come in and give everyone a 20 or 30 minute chair massage? Very professional and very affordable way to show you care! Thank you Amy!!" - Tiffany M.


"Amy is very professional! I have never had a professional massage due to not feeling real comfortable with my own body and she went above and beyond to make me comfortable! I highly recommend her especially if this is going to be your first experience!" - Tabetha K.


"I’ve known Amy for a longtime. I reached out and explained my health conditions, she wanted doctors approval (which is great because not many people take their job so seriously!) She is amazing!! Not only as a person. She has a great passion in the love of her job. I highly recommend her!!" - Melissa H.


"Amy was very professional and I will definitely go back. With so much going on in daily life, it's nice to have a healthy escape to relax." - MeLissa I.


"Very professional, knowledgeable, and was kind to a rookie! I highly recommend Amy." - Mark B.